Abuse and assault, including domestic, dating and sexual violence, exploitation, and stalking are traumatic events for survivors.  Abuse may have both immediate and long-term impacts. The response to abuse and assault may involve police, other investigators, medical responders, evidence collection, and criminal and/or civil proceedings. In addition, there are many rights, services and resources available to survivors.  These systems can be complicated to navigate.

A survivor has choices and options.

An Advocate:

  • Works on behalf of the individual to ensure that the survivor remains at the center of any response.
  • Provides information to help the survivor understand their options and make decisions about their next steps.
  • Supports the individual’s decisions.
  • Works to ensure that the individual has access to resources and services.
  • Demands that the survivor’s rights are respected throughout the process.

TurnAround advocates provide:

  • A 24-hour Helpline
  • Assistance with reporting to police, school, and other authorities
  • Support at the emergency room and/or forensic exam
  • Crisis intervention
  • Information
  • Safety planning
  • Support to secondary victims, such as family or partners
  • Accompaniment to court, interviews, and hearings
  • Access to services and resources, including legal services
  • Follow-up and case management services

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