Abuse Survivor

We support women, men and children who are survivors of intimate-partner and sexual violence. These individuals are resilient, strong and courageous. A person is so much more than an incident that happened to them. We empower survivors to address trauma but also to reach life goals.

Every year, we partner with community-based agencies in our community to create the Purple Poetry Book. This is a way for survivors to speak out through poetry or prose. The poems below were featured in last year’s book:

I Won, I’m Free!

Stop! I continued to yell
but on deaf ears my pleads fell

My throat was now dry and painfully sore
as I began to focus on that open door

If only I can get this weight off of me
I can run and tell others how I got free

Only years passed and that day remained
and it kept me hostage; I nearly went insane

I was paralyzed until I saw the light
and decided to end my horrible plight

I got on my knees and prayed the darkness
because I refused to allow it to monopolize
another day!

When I tapped into the inner strength that
I had
I was able to break away from what kept me sad

I can now look in the mirror and loudly exclaim
And throughout my day I’m filled with jubilee

 written by Blanche R. Jackson, 9/4/15

Rest in Peace

Though it happened long ago it seems like it was
just yesterday
the time has come to move forward so trapped
we will not stay

That terrible situation that happened way
back then
must not remain in our lives like a good
and trusted friend

We must instruct the enemy to leave us alone
by breaking our silence with a high pitched tone

When we do that all good things will come
to life
and those memories will no longer cause
our pressure to spike

It’s time to mourn that person before the attack
and though its painful let’s stop looking back

Ahead of us is joy that the world didn’t give
because Jesus died on the cross so a
better life we could live

Let our testimonies be like the stone that
David released
and expose those Giant secrets
so our past can Rest in Peace!

 written by Blanche R. Jackson, 3/11/15

For more information or to purchase a copy please email sblack@turnaroundinc.org.