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Domestic Violence • Warning Signs

Has this person ever hit you, pushed you, thrown objects
at you, or otherwise displayed violent outbursts
directed toward you?

Has this person ever been violent toward former dating partners?

Does this person become verbally or physically abusive when under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

Does this person often berate you or put you down (even in front of others) in order to feel superior?

Does this person become extremely upset when you do things without his (or her) permission, or when you reject his (or her) presumed authority?

Does this person resent you for having friends of your own or try to control your friendships?

Does this person threaten to harm your friends if you continue seeing them or if they try to help you?

Does this person hold in low regard members of the opposite sex, but say that you are special?

Does this person seem to feel better when you fail?

Has this person ever forced you or manipulated you into having sex when it was against your wishes?

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